It’s time to question our assumptions about crime and punishment.

The fitness industry has a saying: simplify for results; complicate for profits.

As the number of active shootings increases, clear patterns emerge.

Can watching TV help you stick to your workout goals? If you do it properly, the answer is yes!

“Spartacus” is one of the best workout shows ever.

Have you noticed that there’s a tremendous amount of confusion associated with nutrition in general, and carbohydrates in particular? Let’s clear things up.

What Is A Carb?

  1. Sugar. This can be sugar from fruit, honey, or a box labeled “Dixie Crystals.” While there are different types of sugar that we eat, they are all considered “simple” carbohydrates.
  2. Starch. This is a long chain of sugar molecules. Once we eat it, the body breaks it down into sugar. However, because it is “complex,” the process takes longer.
  3. Fiber. Fiber is also considered a complex carbohydrate, but unlike sugar and starch, it is…

Are unpleasant feelings a valuable doorway to personal insight, or are they the destructive byproduct of misdirected survival instincts?

In times of uncertainty, the humble chicken reigns supreme.


A Little Background

Basic Principles

  1. Quick And Simple. To me, any system (ahem, Bullet Journaling) that requires detailed instructions is too complex. I want it to be immediately obvious how this works. No codes, no complexity, and NO…

Alexander Fox

Digital media guru by day, writer by night.

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