The Ultimate At-Home Quarantine Workout Plan

The fitness industry has a saying: simplify for results; complicate for profits.

Farnese Hercules. Probably a 3rd century CE Roman copy of a Greek original.
Aphrodite of Knidos, sculpted by Praxiteles of Athens, approximately 2,400 years ago.

The Silver Lining To Dropping The Iron

While modern gymnastics training does include some resistance training, the vast majority of a gymnast’s fitness is rooted in bodyweight exercises.

Why Calisthenics?

Minimal Equipment Needed

Lower Risk of Injury

Develop All Aspects of Fitness

The Most Natural Form Of Exercise

Safer And More Complete Fitness

Bodyweight Basics

Compound-Joint Exercises



Natural Motion

Sets, Reps and Workout Frequency

Design Your Workout Routine

Pick A Schedule

Pick Your Exercises

Remember To Warm-Up

Day 1 — Strength

1. Push-Up

Good form is key.
Keep your back straight, and move your body all the way up & down.
Moving your hands closer to your waistline makes the push-up much more difficult.

2. Inverted Row

Try to keep your back as straight as if you were standing up.
Doorframe rows are a good way to get used to the inverted row motion.

3. Squat

The single-leg “pistol” squat is difficult, but achievable. It develops both strength and balance.

4. Pull-Up

Try not to let momentum help you up or down.

5. Dip

The dip can be done with chairs, portable gymnastic rings, a wall, or any other sturdy object.

6. Leg Raise

You can do leg raises on the floor, or hanging from a bar.

Day 2 — Core

1. Front Plank

Keep your back straight, as though you were about to do a pushup in perfect form.

2. Side Plank

Not only is this exercise hard to do, it’s hard to draw.

3. Rear Plank

As always, try to keep your back as straight as possible.

4. Hollow Hold

Pressing your lower back against the floor is key.

5. Arch Hold

Pretend you’re flying.

6. L-Sit

Supporting yourself on fingertips is an advanced techniques. Start off with the same supports you use for dips.

Day 3 — Cardio

Start standing. Drop to a squat, thrust your legs out while lowering your upper body to the floor. Quickly do a pushup, then pull your feet to your hands, and then jump up. Repeat.

Six Steps To The Perfect Burpee

Warm-Ups and Stretching

Anterior Shoulder Stretch

You can also do this stretch while standing, using a wall or object such as a chair to brace your hands.

Child Pose With Wide Knees

Don’t just flop over. Really try to push yourself down, while squeezing the muscles in opposition.

Knee To Forehead

The key to this stretching is pushing away with your leg, while pulling it towards you with your arms. It’s not unusual to have one side tighter than the other, so try to get both legs feeling equally limber.

Stretching Tips

Flex While Stretching

Simpler Is Better

Workout Tips

Be Realistic

Listen To Your Body

Make It A Habit

Track Your Progress

Save this to your computer and print it out as needed.

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